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NetpbmResize is a php class that resizes images. It works as a wrapper for the netpbm binaries which are easily obtainable thanks to the Gallery project. So, instead of asking yourself what image library to use, you just download netpbm and upload it to your webserver.

Last update: 11:46 PM Thursday, June 14th 2007

Purpose and Formats supported

It is only focused on resizing images (by Width, Height, Percentage or Bounding Box) and create square thumbnails. The main reason for reinventing the wheel is having an interface that is simple to use. It supports JPG, GIF and PNG.

Who could use this?

The intended audience are php developers who are using images in their applications and need a resizing solution. Most common use would be an application which needs gallery functionality.

I actually want to use this but...

For support inquiries, feature requests or improvements, please contact me at or through the sourceforge project page. Thanks for stopping by!